Our Valued Client Portfolio

Our Portfolio​

We Help Grow and Improve Businesses

Below is a listing of some companies for which Ramey Consulting, LLC has proudly performed services.  Through our team’s dedication to finding solutions, building better businesses, and improving operations, we successfully helped these companies achieve stellar results through implementation of best practices.  



MoneyByRamey.com is the financial arm of The Ramey Companies and is a sister company of Ramey Consulting.  

Ramey Consulting continues to help MoneyByRamey.com build out its global online footprint in the world of personal financial management and investing.  


The Ramey Real Estate Group

We have been proud to welcome The Ramey Real Estate Group as a valued client.  We have offered assistance through IT, Finance, and General Consulting solutions.  

In progress is an initiative to better utilize the companies online presence to generate and build leads through various means.


Red Wing Shoes

Beginning February 2019, Ramey Consulting assisted Red Wing Shoes with an integration project in the company’s finance division. 

Drawing on our extensive experience in the finance and technology fields, we helped perform root cause analysis to troubleshoot issues in billing, account reconciliations, and other issues amongst the client’s customer base.   


US Commodities

US Commodities is a valued customer of Ramey Consulting, LLC.  In his 10+ years at the helm of the credit department, Mr. Ramey lead a project to integrate risk rating systems into the company’s software, which lead to increased productivity through technological improvement.  

He also lead the development of the OFAC and FSMA compliance projects as well.  



Through its Website Design and Search Engine Optimization Services, Ramey Consulting built out a brand new website for HandsFreeJunkRemoval.com, with a focus on helping the company generate leads.

The site has generated numerous leads for HFJR and continues to help the company position itself as a leading Junk Removal business in the greater Eden Prairie area.